Pop-up canopy tents in high winds

Pop-up canopy tents in high winds

Nothing is perfect in this world, including pop-up canopy tents. While pop-up tents are a great solution for shade, protection, and branding at outdoor events, they do come with their own unique pain points. Pop-up tents, for example, cannot withstand high winds.

"Is this tent strong enough to withstand strong wind and rain?" This is a question our customers often ask before purchasing.

Aside from cost, wind and rain are the biggest concerns people have when shopping for a custom pop-up tent. This is a legitimate concern! You never want to be in a situation where your event tent gets blown away and could hurt someone.

Some heavy-duty pop-up tents are more wind-resistant, but they are also expensive and inconvenient to carry. Considering the above two aspects, our tent structure adopts steel frame. It adopts strong square tube bracket, which is sturdy and durable, with anti-rust coating, not easy to deform.

But no matter how well-designed a pop-up tent is, without proper ballast, it will blow away in high winds.

How to prevent the canopy from being blown away?
If you're wondering how to secure your canopy tent, we have plenty of canopy anchoring ideas.
sandbag. More affordable, but not as heavy.
bucket. Big and bulky, but with a big focus.
concrete. Heavier than sandbags. It's also hard to drag around.
tent stakes. This is a great solution if you have plenty of room at your event and you're setting it up on grass. Tent stakes won't help you on concrete parking lots.

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