Canopy Tent
How many canopy tent sizes does AMERICAN PHOENIX have to choose from?
① Choose from Classic Tent: 5x5, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20 (ft)
② Choose from Commercial Tent with sidewalls: 10x10
What colors are available for the canopy tops and sidewalls?
① 10 colors for Canopy Tops: White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Teal, Brown and Pink
② 6 colors for Sidewalls: White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
What is the maximum height of AMERICAN PHOENIX tents?
5x5 Maximum peak height is 105 inch
10x10, 10x15, 10x20 Maximum peak height is 124 inch
What is the material of AMERICAN PHOENIX tent frame?
Steel frame. Powerful square tube bracket, sturdy and durable, anti-rust coating, not easy to deform
What is the material of AMERICAN PHOENIX tent canopy top?
High-density fabric, water resistant, not easy to tear. PVC coating, UV protection
Are there replacement parts for the AMERICAN PHOENIX tent?
Replacement parts for the tent frame and canopy can be sold separately.
The customer purchased the canopy from another company, will your replacement parts fit my current frame?
No. Only AMERICAN PHOENIX tent frames are available, other brands are not guaranteed to fit.
How long does an AMERICAN PHOENIX tent usually last?
Our products are designed for Garden and Leisure activities. We have no control over the weather or ground conditions when this item is set-up. As with all other products of this nature this item is designed as a temporary structure and should not be left up overnight when heavy rain or winds could cause significant damage. If the product is not damaged, it can be reused many times.
Does the AMERICAN PHOENIX tent fit in the car?
Generally the trunk of a car can not fit, if it is a pickup truck maybe. The frame folding length is 58 inches, please check if this length can fit.A
Party Tent
How many party tent sizes does AMERICAN PHOENIX have to choose from?
Choose from Party Tent: 20x20, 40x20, 16x26, 16x32 (ft)
What is the height of AMERICAN PHOENIX party tents?
Party Tent height is 10ft (3.05m)
What is the material of AMERICAN PHOENIX party tent frame?
Galvanized Steel tubes. Tube:38x1.0mm, connector dia 42x1.2mm.
What is the material of AMERICAN PHOENIX party tent cloth?
The cloth material is Poly Ethylene (PE)
Does the AMERICAN PHOENIX party tent require assembly?
Assembly is required. It is best to assemble for more than one person, due to this product is large and contains many parts.
How many packages does the AMERICAN PHOENIX party tent contain?
① For 20x20 and 16x26: 3 packages
② For 40x20: 6 packages
③ For 16x32: 4 packages
④ For 20x20 PVC: 4 packages
Custom Tents
About whether it is possible to customize the tent?
AMERICAN PHOENIX Tents can provide personalized customization services.
About what are the custom tent sizes that can be made?
Customization services are available for four tent sizes: 5x5, 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20. For other related custom products, please consult customer service for assistance.
How do I provide documentation for a custom product?
There is a plugin for custom service on our webpage, you can use the plugin to try to design custom fabric tents. If you don't know how to use it, you can also send us your logo file by email.
What are the requirements for logo files?
Editable logo files in the form of source files such as AI, psd, etc. are required. If customization is confirmed, please make sure the email is open and we will always communicate with you about your customization project.
About will I receive proofs before print production begins?
After we receive the order, we will arrange a design sketch to you. Please confirm the reply to our design sketch email as soon as possible, if no reply is received after 7 days, we will arrange printing according to the design sketch. It is not possible to cancel after arranging printing.
How long does it take to deliver a custom project?
After confirming printing, it will be delivered within 15 days.
Is there a discount for large custom quantities?
Bulk order discount is available, please consult customer service for assistance.
What printing techniques are used?
Digital printing.
About whether it is possible to cancel an order?
You can try to cancel the order by contacting customer service within 8 hours after placing the order. If the package has been shipped or a tracking number has been provided, it cannot be cancelled. If you request to cancel an order when the package has been shipped and not delivered, you will be charged a recall fee for the package. Consult customer service for specific assistance.
About how to order in bulk and can I get a discount?
We can offer discounts for bulk purchases. If you order 20 or more tents of the same model, you can contact our customer service team for a discount quote.
What about shipping methods?
We ship by expresses. The carrier is usually FedEx.
What is the delivery time for orders?
When we receive an order, we will ship it the next day, no more than 2 business days.
How long does it take for delivery?
Usually shipped from California, delivery time varies from 3-7 business days.
Do you offer expedited shipping, such as overnight or next day delivery?
Expedited shipping is not available. If needed, please contact customer service for the cost of expedited shipping.
About whether it will be shipped outside the United States?
Shipping is only supported to the continental United States.
About whether my products will be shipped separately?
Some products may be shipped in multiple packages. If you receive a package and find that the product is incomplete, please contact customer service in the first instance.
Why is the shipping information not updated after 2 days when the email says it has been shipped?
It may be that the carrier missed the scan, you can wait a few more days whether you received the package or contact customer service for help.
What if my order is lost by your carrier?
If a package is lost, please contact Customer Service for assistance.
What if my order is not delivered within the guaranteed time frame?
If an order is delivered outside of the scheduled delivery time, a refund can be provided to compensate. Please contact Customer Service for assistance with this.
What if my package is returned to the sender?
①If it is returned to the sender due to shipping damage, you can contact customer service to resend it once for free.
②If the package is rejected by the recipient, a 20% restocking fee will be charged for the refund. If you request to arrange a resend you will be charged for the resend shipping fee.
What about if I can pick up my shipment?
Please contact customer service for specific assistance.
About the return policy?
American Phoenix guarantees that all returned products will be accepted within 90 days of receipt, 90 Days Money-back Guaranteed. Please see our Return Policy for details.
About how to cancel an order and get a refund?
Refunds will be arranged at the same time after the order is agreed to be cancelled.
About the warranty period of the product?
The warranty period is 90 days.
About how to claim warranty and parts?
When your product has problems or missing parts, please contact our customer service staff for help in time. Email: support@apcanopy.com