Can I buy a Replacement Canopy if I already have a tent?

Can I buy a Replacement Canopy if I already have a tent?

Tired of the old way? Replacing a faded canopy? Damaged original canopy? There are many reasons why pop-up tent owners want to invest in a new canopy.

Over the past 15 years, many clients have asked me this question: Can I buy a new canopy by itself?
Usually, my answer is: "Of course! But there are a few situations that I'm answering here today!

Can the canopies sold by AMERICAN PHOENIX fit non-AMERICAN PHOENIX tents?
Unfortunately, no. As much as we'd love to say we can print canopies for any frame, the truth is, it's a bit of a risk.

Each manufacturer makes tents differently - some are measured in feet, for example, while others are measured in meters. Pitch angle and peak height also vary from tent to tent. All of these details can affect the fit and finish of the canopy, which we don't recommend since we don't want to sell you a canopy that doesn't fit your frame.

Can you print a new canopy for my existing tent?
When you are tired of the original solid color canopy and want to design a unique canopy, we can accept customization. Usually the customization on our website is a complete tent. If you need to customize a part, please contact us separately for support.

Once we've communicated, you can send us your logo file in vector format, colors, and any orientation to make your tent dreams come true. Our creative team gathers all this information and creates beautiful renderings, usually on the same day. If you prefer to design your own, we match you with the appropriate template and our art team double-checks everything to make sure it's printable. Once everyone agrees on the final design, it goes into print production.

Can I change the canopy often?
You can swap them out every day if you want! Of course, this gets expensive as you need more and more canopies.

But removing your canopy and putting a new one on your tent is as easy as clicking a button and releasing some Velcro — so replacing it is a breeze.

How much does a new custom printed canopy cost?
How much? The answer here is more of a range than an exact total. It will depend on the size of your canopy - of course, 10x10 will be cheaper than 10x20. Your choice of graphics also plays an important role.
If you don't need to customize, just buy existing, then our price is between 45-85 dollars.

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